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As we try to make our vehicles last longer then ever in the midwest, we find the drive train holds as the body's fall aport all around us. Why should we rust proof a vehicle ? I come with a Public Works back ground here in the Twin Cities of Minnesota where we love to use salt and calcium chlorde to melt the snow and ice on the roads in the winter. Which works good for that but is horrable for the body and  frame of your vehicle. The road cemicals get into the vehicle metal and causes oxidation ( red or brown flaking ). Over time time this damages the vehicle structure and other componits like fuel and brake lines.  To stop the oxidation from happing we need to keep the road cemicals off the metal. We do this with paint and other tretments, yet the vehicles still get rust over time and starts falling apart till they are not safe to drive anymore. Most of us want to keep the vehicle nice to get the most for them at trade in or sale, or drive them for 15 to 20 years . The best way to do this is with Fluid Film developed in the 1940"s for use on the US Navy war ship's. Fluid film has been around for decades and is non- toxic, it's been provin to work very well and not easliy wash off. Lanolin based similer to wax, has properties to provent the oxidation from happening and seaps into the metal pores and block the road cemicals for better protection over time.  Over time the applications pay for them selfs with less repair bills and better resale value for your vehcle with no rust on them. Fluid Film works good to stop the existing rust as well. 

Example, 1 I worked for Hennipen County Public works for 13 years, I found them to do as little maintenence as possible. The dump trucks They paid $100k plus for after 10 years were worth pennies on the dollar from when they were new. Averige Aution price $12k.  I then went and worked for Ramsey County for almost 10 years. They painted and used Fluid Film on there dump trucks and receaved $60k to $70k at trade in and then would go to another city like St Paul for another 10 years of use.  Hennipen Counties trucks not being worth much would somtimes need to be scrapped out. 

Fluid film is just one more tool to protect the 2nd largest investment you have and it's good stuff... 

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