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PRESSURE! Tire pressure that is!

Tires, tires, tires. They always seem to come up when the roads have any type of precipitation. We all know that we have to have tires that can handle more than one type of season, so that we don't slip and slide all over the road. Additionally it is easy to think the only factor tread depth can have is grip and grip alone. We find it is important to help you know about all the factors in your vehicle maintenance. The temperatures are rising, and with it comes the traffic. We aim to help your tire pressure and your blood pressure. As I was saying we know that Tires are important for helping us stay on the road, in slick road conditions because the thicker the tread depth the more ability it has to disperse the water and prevent "hydro- or aqua- planing". However the same tread that disperses water, also helps disperse heat.  That is if it has a proper tread design, as well as thickness. Tire manufacturers are constantly updating their designs for more effective disb ... read more

Drive smart, Drive safe, and please Drive Prepared.

The new year is here, and has some weird weather with it. With the Weather being as nice as it has been, more people are out enjoying it. This means more vehicles on the roads, more vehicle issues, and more vehicle accidents. According to the Minnesota's Department of Public Safety's Webpage; there have already been 47 deaths, due to vehicle accidents, this year alone. Already almost an eighth of last year's 413 lives lost on our Minnesota Roads. There are  simple measures we can all take when driving, that include, but are not limited to: moving over for emergency vehicles & tow-trucks, patience, courtesy, observance, and proper vehicle upkeep. While vehicle upkeep may not seem at the forefront of accident prevention, numbers also don't lie. For example, on average most pedestrian related vehicle accidents happen between 6 P.M and 9 P.M.(according to NHTSA[United States Department of Transportation]). Additionally according to a report in 2015 33,000 accidents ... read more

Why is vehicle maintenance is so important ?

Vehicle maintenance is not optional if you want to be safe and keep others safe on the road. As our new vehicles get safer with new technology, we still need to do the basics to protect our loved ones, which is our second-largest investment for most people. Simple things that should be looked at are: daily checks, weekly checks, monthly checks, and yearly checks on vehicles.    Daily vehicle check: Do a walk around and look at the tires. Are they low on air pressure? Make sure all exterior lights are working. Most new vehicles will tell you if you have an issue with that on your instrument cluster, but not all the time, so it’s a good idea to check manually. Weekly checks Look for leaking fluids; look under your vehicle for loose or hanging trim pieces. If your vehicle is older, it is a good idea to open the hood to check your fluid levels. Check your oil, anti-freeze windshield washer fluid, and other fluids. Monthly checks If you're not doing a weekly che ... read more

Best shoes for your vehicle

Tires for Winter – make sure you have the best shoes for your vehicle. Want to know what works in winter for your vehicles's tires – read on.....   Choosing the right winter tires is crucial for ensuring safety and optimal performance in cold and snowy conditions. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting winter tires for your car: Winter Tire Types:Studded Tires: These tires have metal studs embedded in the tread for improved traction on icy roads. However, they may be restricted or prohibited in some areas due to road damage concerns. ( not legal in Minnesota )  Stud-less Tires: These tires use special rubber compounds and tread designs to provide traction on snow and ice without the need for studs. They are a popular and effective choice in many winter conditions. Tire Size: Use the correct tire size recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer. Check your veh ... read more

Next used vehicle purchase, what should it be ?

Next used vehicle purchase, what should it be ?   Aaron Strand, Owner of Minnesota Automotive, has 30 years in the auto repair business gives his do’s and don't s … There are so many choices out there, how do we know which vehicle to pick ? Number 1 for most customers is budget and cost of ownership. There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to cost of ownership. In general the Auto Industry want’s you to believe there vehicle has lower cost of ownership by pushing the recommend maintenance to be longer and longer, pushing 10,000 mile oil changes and lifetime transmissions. Well that might work for customer at first when they’re the first owner and trade the vehicle in before it’s at 100k miles. This is bad for the second owner of the vehicle may have many major repair bill’s as the vehicle has not been maintenance-ted well or enough. With the complex engines in the new vehicles oil changes and general maintenance is more ... read more

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