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Monthly Archives: December 2023

Best shoes for your vehicle

Tires for Winter – make sure you have the best shoes for your vehicle. Want to know what works in winter for your vehicles's tires – read on.....   Choosing the right winter tires is crucial for ensuring safety and optimal performance in cold and snowy conditions. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting winter tires for your car: Winter Tire Types:Studded Tires: These tires have metal studs embedded in the tread for improved traction on icy roads. However, they may be restricted or prohibited in some areas due to road damage concerns. ( not legal in Minnesota )  Stud-less Tires: These tires use special rubber compounds and tread designs to provide traction on snow and ice without the need for studs. They are a popular and effective choice in many winter conditions. Tire Size: Use the correct tire size recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer. Check your veh ... read more

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