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PRESSURE! Tire pressure that is!

Tires, tires, tires. They always seem to come up when the roads have any type of precipitation. We all know that we have to have tires that can handle more than one type of season, so that we don't slip and slide all over the road. Additionally it is easy to think the only factor tread depth can have is grip and grip alone. We find it is important to help you know about all the factors in your vehicle maintenance. The temperatures are rising, and with it comes the traffic. We aim to help your tire pressure and your blood pressure.

As I was saying we know that Tires are important for helping us stay on the road, in slick road conditions because the thicker the tread depth the more ability it has to disperse the water and prevent "hydro- or aqua- planing". However the same tread that disperses water, also helps disperse heat.  That is if it has a proper tread design, as well as thickness. Tire manufacturers are constantly updating their designs for more effective disbursement of temperature, fluids, and debris.

When it comes to vehicles in general, these little things don't seem like much, and I would imagine wondering why it's important to pay attention to. However we all know how the cold in the winter decreases the pressure in our tires. Unfortunately Summer heat does the exact opposite: and increases the air pressure in your tires. 

So think about it, your vehicle will typically sit on hot asphalt, with the sun beating down on it. Then, when you go to start driving your vehicle: you create friction. Friction itself increases heat on the surface area of the tire, and without proper heat dispersion what does heat do to rubber? It breaks up the chemical compounds in the rubber separating it from its binding polymers, or in short " Blowout". That's not the only "blow out" condition that heat helps with. Even with the heat raising the air pressure in a tire slightly, an under-filled tire can't be filled by the weather. In fact, that bulbous bit of tire that  protrudes when not properly filled; is actually rubbing on the inside. So once again, heat and friction come together, to destroy our tires. There's also a chance, that with it rubbing inside the tires, you won't even notice right away.

That being said, we know it can be taxing to have to remember all these things that add up. We aim to help. Not only do we provide "Tire Inspections" as a courtesy, we can also double-check the tire pressure and help regulate it. With Safety and Integrity as our top priorities, let us help keep you prepared. 

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