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Best Battery and Why?!

Who makes the best battery for your money? 

At Minnesota Automotive we replace hundreds of vehicle batteries per year. Why is imported to have a good battery in your vehicle? New vehicles now day’s have between 50 to 100 computers modules in the vehicle with the need for a higher reserve capacity. We see many customers having erroneous codes and battery codes when the battery is at the end of it’s life or just not big enough for the vehicle. Now many new vehicles also have to be programmed for the new battery, or the new battery just installed will most likely shorten the life of the new battery with old charging strategy put into the battery from the engine computer. It’s better left to the experts like at Minnesota Automotive to make sure the right battery is installed and the engine computer is programmed for the new battery.

According to Consumer Reports April 2023 report. The NAPA Legend battery blue label group 24 is the best of the best. CR tested hundreds of car batteries at there test program lab. Number one battery sold at Minnesota Automotive is the Napa Legend blue label. CR labs tests, Car batteries models like the The Legend top of the line are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Life- test measures how a battery endures repeated charge-and-discharge cycles at hot-climate engine-compartment temperatures. The more cycles endured while maintaining a higher voltage, the higher the score.

Reserve capacity-Reserve capacity estimates how long batteries can run a car if the charging system fails.

CCA-performance reflects voltage at our load of half the average claimed CCA for each group size after cranking for 15 seconds at 0º F. We charged batteries at the 14.5 volts that vehicles typically supply, rather than the higher voltage that manufacturers use. Batteries charged at the lower voltage met BCI voltage standards for a fully charged battery.

At the end of the day the customer and the most honest shops want to give the best and receive the best for the best price. Buy an Napa Legend blue label to get the best of the best, for long life, Reserve capacity, CCA and valve.

By Aaron Strand Owner of Minnesota Automotive

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