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Effective December 10, 2020

Courtesy Check Services – 16 point inspection

No Charge
Check and fill air in tires
Engine oil or Coolant level check
Leak inspection
Diagnose check engine codes
Check battery
Level 1 Diagnostics
TPMS Tire lamp on re-learn or tire sensor test
New vehicle inspection
Coolant pressure test
Charging, starter test or electrical test
1 code diagnosis or issue
Oil lead dye test
Noise, clunking complaint road test
Lighting issue diagnosis only
Level 2 Diagnostics
Blown fuse, short to ground issues
Whining drive train noise
Diagnose 2-4 Check engine codes
Engine mis-fire with 2-4 codes
5 or more check engine codes or issues
Installation (most vehicles)
Installation (complex)
Recalibration and updates
Uninstall / remove unit
Used Tires – Includes normal mounting and balancing
Single tire from
Sets of 4 (each) from
Low profile tire installation (0-45 series)
3 day warranty on used tires
Fluid Flushes
Coolant labor plus coolant
Transmission Labor plus fluid
Power Steering labor plus fluid

Gold members coming very soon.

Free diagnostics, friend and family discount $10 off for every $100 spent

1 free oil change up to $30. Off for signing up and $25 gift card.

Signal car $11.95 monthly pay on the web site, must agree to 1 year contract.

Family plan (up to 4 vehicles) $18.95 monthly pay on the web site, must agree to 1 year contract.

$100.00 for early termination fee.